Settling In

We recommend a settling in period and offer 4 hours free childcare. We normally suggest two sessions of 2 hours for your child to get to know us, feel familiar in the setting and meet some of the other children in our care. We suggest you don’t stay in the setting for settling in as children will expect you to stay every time. If you prefer to stay for the first couple of sessions though that’s fine. If you feel you need more sessions than this we will work with you to offer as much settling in time as needed for you and your child to feel happy and settled, All children are different and some need more than others. Anything over 4 hours we would usually charge at £5 per hour.

We consider the first month to be a settling in period and like to have a meeting with parents after about a month just to make sure you are happy with how your child is settling in and to discuss any concerns you may have.