Nursery Meals & Drinks

We provide home cooked healthy food, prepared by our trained chef. We ensure that all food allergies, intolerances and food preferences are adhered to. We create a varied, healthy and interesting menu. We take the children on trips to a local fruit and vegetable shop and allow them to choose whatever they want.

We involve children in creating our weekly menu and they pick their favourites. We have a 5 star food hygiene rating. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and a cooked evening meal is all included in the daily rate.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for and we cater at the moment for children who are on wheat free, dairy free, egg free and vegetarian diets and are happy to provide for any other needs. We limit sugar intake, we do not routinely provide dessert after meals and cakes are usually just for celebrating birthdays or if the children bake as an activity.

Mealtimes and sample menu as follows however we will always be flexible to accommodate you, for example if you drop off later in the morning and miss breakfast we will make something for your child. Times are approximate and depends on what we are doing that day, we often eat out and have picnics.

Here is example menu from our nursery:

Breakfast – 8.30am(cereal/toast/fruit/porridge/bagels etc)

Snack – 10.30 –(banana/apple/brioche) with a drink of milk or soya milk                                                                                                               

Lunch – 12.30-(jacket potato/egg on toast/sandwiches/soup)

Snack -2.30 –(vegetable and fruit selection with yoghurt/hummus/cheese and crackers)

Tea – 3:30–(hot home-made meal such as spaghetti bolognaise/roast chicken/curry and rice etc.)

We work with parents when weaning babies and discuss with you which approach you are using and follow it as closely as possible. We can do baby led weaning, purées or a mixture of the two. You can supply your own food if you prefer. We will keep track of all foods offered and list them in your child’s daily diary.
We will provide cooled boiled water and sterilised bottles.
You can bring breast milk (please label and date it) and we will store it safely. If your child is exclusively breastfed when starting with us that’s fine and we will talk to you about how best to ensure your baby is getting enough fluids during the day. You are welcome to feed your baby when you collect, you can feed anywhere you like and if you would prefer privacy please ask a member of staff and we will find somewhere comfortable for you.
You can leave a box of formula milk here and we will make up fresh bottles according health guidelines. You can provide bottles if your baby has a preference or we have our own.