A day in the life……

Children usually arrive at our Aigburth nursery between 7.30 and 8.30 am.

Larkfield Daycare. Book now for September 2021.We have supervised playtime in the playroom at this time.
When possible your child’s key worker will be there to greet you and you can pass any information over to them.

We then have breakfast 8.30am – 9am. After breakfast we usually leave for the trip or outing in Liverpool that we have planned. We take snacks out with us.

We get home in time for lunch at 12 – 12.30 and then younger children go for naps. Older children will have some focused time on our preschool activities.

After nap time we do craft or learning activities, play in the garden and have afternoon snacks. We have tea at 3:30 pm.

Most children leave between 5 – 5.30pm, we try to have your key person available to hand over your child and update you briefly on their day, we also send a detailed updates throughout the day via our FAMLY app.

Get in touch with our friendly staff to learn more.

All children are assigned a key person. We match your child with someone they have formed a relationship with, and if we find a child forms a relationship with a different member of staff we will change their key person to suit them. The key person will spend time one to one and in small groups with your child. They will usually accompany them on any trips. They will update your child’s development records, plan activities for them and contribute to their daily diaries. They will give your child their time and reassurance to help them settle in, enjoy their time here and support them through transitions.

Our sensory room doubles as our sleep room at nap time. We have comfortable mattresses that get put out ready for the younger children to have a peaceful sleep. A member of staff will stay with your child for the duration of their nap. They will never be left alone to sleep and we do not leave them to cry themselves to sleep. We will help your child to go to sleep in keeping with your routine at home. Please see our safe sleeping policy for further information.